How do you find a new job after corona?

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You have a long and broad experience. That is why finding a permanent or interim job was always easy. You were often asked. Or you called old acquaintances. And if you had nothing for a few months, that wasn’t a bad thing either. Then you had a break. Also in March 2020… Ai! The world suddenly looked very different: many … Read More

Buy an Eastern European IT company?

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Since the pandemic : nearshore IT service providers have become increasingly popular amongst Western clients. For good reasons: many organisations have experienced that remotely working teams perform well. Old fashioned emotions like “I want to have my staff in the same building” have lost their momentum. When organisations have experienced that people working in another city are properly functioning, why would … Read More

How IT resourcers have created their own inhibitors

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  Due to the current shortage of IT-resources in the Western world, one might think the resourcing problem can’t be solved. However, many organisations have created their own inhibitors. They made the job unnecessarily difficult for their own resourcers and external service providers. The guidelines below will help to get rid of the inhibitors. 1. Plan ahead Do your vacancies … Read More

Who likes working here?

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How to cope with the increased shortage of technical IT skills in Western Europe? Engaging IT resources at offshore or nearshore locations where the availability is better, seems the most obvious solution. But how does it work? Two ways Basically there are two ways: Execute the work at an offshore/nearshore location. This is known as ‘remote timehire’, ‘out staffing’, ‘dedicated … Read More

Outsourcing clients throw light onto dissatisfaction top 10

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50% of all outsourcing clients would recommend their current provider [Source: Giarte Outsourcing Performance 2015] . Does this mean the other 50% is dissatisfied? Not exactly. They vary from negative to neutral. While the negatives  have almost decided to switch to another provider, the neutrals are likely to switch when the competition has a more attractive offer. For most retailers such figures would … Read More

Shadow IT threatening CIO relevance

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Although shadow IT isn’t new at all, its character has changed and it is potentially becoming more threatening to the CIO. Cloud services outside control of the CIO may create security and continuity risks. Who will be blamed in case of a serious security breach or continuity issue? I am afraid it’s still the CIO. How to handle this? The … Read More

Offshore destination Vietnam?

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Years ago offshore BPO and IT were equivalent to ‘bringing to India’;  currently there are many offshore and nearshore destinations on all continents, and the number keeps  growing. Why would clients need new offshore destinations? Why couldn’t they stick to existing geographies and vendors? Changes The answer is simple: because the world is changing. Some offshore destinations  have been attractive two … Read More

Why startups should offshore their IT from day one

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Yesterday night at the CIO diner show 2015 I was pleased to present a price for the ‘The most innovative ecosystem’ to Rockstart. Rockstart is building ‘the world’s greatest Startup Machine that offers any startup any type of support it might need’. The jury had awarded the price to Rockstart because of their way of cooperation with the startup companies. … Read More

Beware of rate changes for IT offshore and nearshore resources

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Bad news: in the next coming months European clients of IT and BPO offshore and nearshore will face significant mark-up’s due to exchange rate changes. During the last 12 months the euro/dollar exchange rate has moved from 1.38 to 1.08 (March 19th). As a European client of US products you won’t be surprised when your US supplier will increase his … Read More

Agile sourcing: what could IT learn from the fashion industry?

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Why accept long delivery times for IT resources? When you like to buy something in a store, but it isn’t available off the shelf, you will probably check other stores before accepting a long delivery time. But IT resource managers often accept long delivery times or underqualified staff., without exploring alternatives. Even though their agile software development can’t afford such … Read More