How you can achieve your recruitment goal!  

Many organizations struggle to achieve their recruitment goals.
Baker Boucher offers Recruitment Consultancy that identifies and implements improvements.

Brand awareness and reputation of the employer are very important. In organizations with a positive employer brand, more than 50% of talent comes in through their own employees.

Using multiple Recruitment channels results in more applicants. You can reach different target groups. Speed is of crucial importance,  Baker Boucher knows how to organize this process properly and efficiently. 

Resumes are poor predictors of job success. More interesting are the candidate’s cognitive skills and behavior (under pressure). We measure this. Judging without prejudice (unbiased) is the future.

Create good prospects for the future for the applicant, not a job that will be the smae for years. Offers growth, innovation, deepening of broadening, this is what a applicant is looking for.

Baker Boucher Recruitment Consultancy determines the current situation, makes an improvement plan and arranges the resourcing together with the client, including the implementation.

Baker Boucher is ready to assist you.

Together we achieve your recruitment objective.