Why startups should offshore their IT from day one

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Yesterday night at the CIO diner show 2015 I was pleased to present a price for the ‘The most innovative ecosystem’ to Rockstart. Rockstart is building ‘the world’s greatest Startup Machine that offers any startup any type of support it might need’. The jury had awarded the price to Rockstart because of their way of cooperation with the startup companies. … Read More

Beware of rate changes for IT offshore and nearshore resources

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Bad news: in the next coming months European clients of IT and BPO offshore and nearshore will face significant mark-up’s due to exchange rate changes. During the last 12 months the euro/dollar exchange rate has moved from 1.38 to 1.08 (March 19th). As a European client of US products you won’t be surprised when your US supplier will increase his … Read More

Nederlandse overheid doet zichzelf tekort met aanbestedingsregels

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Zembla De afgelopen maanden heeft televisieprogramma Zembla tweemaal een uitzending gewijd aan de aanbesteding van ICT projecten door de Nederlandse overheid. Het overtreden van deze regels door hoge ambtenaren en ICT bedrijf Ordina stond hierbij centraal. Ordina zou op uitgebreide schaal ‘gunsten hebben verleend’ aan ambtenaren die een beslissende rol hadden in de aanbestedingsprocessen. Voor wie bewijzen verwacht had van … Read More

Agile sourcing: what could IT learn from the fashion industry?

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Why accept long delivery times for IT resources? When you like to buy something in a store, but it isn’t available off the shelf, you will probably check other stores before accepting a long delivery time. But IT resource managers often accept long delivery times or underqualified staff., without exploring alternatives. Even though their agile software development can’t afford such … Read More

Paradise for offshore suppliers?

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While the economies in western economies are picking up, the shortages of skilled resources (IT, HR, finance) are increasing. Prices are going up and new opportunities for offshore suppliers arise. The perception Some offshore suppliers may think of western markets like a paradise of low hanging fruit waiting to be picked: projects waiting for a supplier. They send emails to … Read More

How to build trust as an offshore supplier?

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Having discussed IT and BPO offshore operations from the clients perspective, it’s now time to look at it from the suppliers side. Your comments will be appreciated. When organisations are asked how they value their offshore IT or BPO supplier, did you expect they will focus on cost, project management and availability of skilled resources? Wrong! It’s all about trust. … Read More

The 12 common offshore mistakes

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This isn’t the first article about common mistakes regarding to offshore IT or BPO. However, suppliers have changed their market approach and delivery models, clients have changed their strategy, salaries and rates have changed and so has the technology. Time for an update! 1. Expectations The number one reason for disappointments about offshore operations is a mismatch of expectations. Example: … Read More